Corporate Philanthropy

At Rowe Group and Proven we offer to our corporate clients four areas of expertise – Town Planning, Urban Design, Project Delivery and Project Management – and handle a diverse range of projects across WA. We work with our clients to help them maximise the potential of their business and our group has been significantly rewarded for our endeavours over the years.

With this success comes responsibility, and our Company has always acknowledged our obligation to give back to the community. We consider this to be our responsibility as a significant community member.

Rowe Group and Proven believe that we can contribute towards creating a better society and this drives us to have a greater sense of purpose. We seek to make measurable impacts on social issues that are important to us.

At Rowe Group and Proven we think corporate philanthropy plays a critical role in making significant advances in sustainability and it is more than the act of giving. We know it helps to achieve an equitable society and an alignment between our purpose, operations and responsible business practices.

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Organisations that have benefited from us

As part of our commitment, Rowe Group and Proven like to partner with civil society and organizations supporting programs, activities, grants, charitable donations and sponsorships in different areas to achieve common goals and shared actions that deliver impact-driven outcomes and create a better society. We recognize that more needs to be done to tackle social needs, and that every element of society has a responsibility to act.

This is something Rowe Group and Proven have been doing since the beginning, in over 30 years we have partnered and supported over 200 different programmes.

In recent years the company has focused on children’s issues and has supported a range of programmes associated with children’s physical and mental health issues. Some of the programmes we have partnered with include;

“Our vision is to achieve ‘Lives unaffected by CF’, and by this we mean that every child born with CF should be able to reach their full potential unencumbered by the disease. We are making great progress in our vision and it is through the support of organisations like the Rowe Group and Proven that we can achieve greater outcomes for our families.”
“Each year Rowe Group and Proven partners with the Perth Special Children’s Christmas Party and provides an invitation for a local family to attend an unforgettable Christmas day out. These children are suffering from life threatening illnesses and special needs and the goal is simply to provide a day of distraction and make them feel like the lucky ones for a change. The day would not be possible without the support of local business sponsors and volunteers like Rowe Group and Proven.”
“With Greg’s incredible support we can now achieve our dream of purchasing a paediatric treadmill that will help many young WA children develop critical mobility skills and experience the sensation of walking. My team are very excited about this wonderful opportunity and we are all incredibly grateful to the Rowe Group and Proven.”
“Thanks to the generous support from Rowe Group and Proven the Lions Cancer Institute has been able to give over 5,000 special needs and terminally ill children a fantastic day out to the Special Children’s Big Day Out. This support not only gives the special needs children a day out but also helps keep our free mobile cancer screening coach on the road to continue to save lives.”

We look forward to continuing this long association with supporting important children’s programmes.

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Charity certificate
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