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For the past 30 years, Rowe Group has provided clients with an integrated service offering of three divisions – Town Planning, Urban Design and Delivery. In 2015, to accommodate both our expanding business and the growing industry, Rowe Group introduced a new brand for our Delivery Division – Proven Project Management.

Created as a fully owned, but separately marketed, entity providing the complete suite of Project Management services, Proven Project Management is experienced in a broad range of development areas including residential, retail, education, commercial, Government and land. With years of experience operating in the land and property development industry, our team of highly skilled professionals is able to confidently and effectively deliver direct and insightful advice relevant to achieving the best outcomes for any project.

Proven Project Management has played a key role in the design and development of prestigious retail projects across Western Australia.

The Proven Project Management team includes Land Subdivision Development Managers and Project Managers.

Proven Project Management has demonstrated skills and experience in communicating across broad stakeholder groups on various schools projects.

Proven Project Management is well acknowledged in the commercial sector for managing projects.

Proven Project Management has played a key role in the development of industrial building and land projects across Western Australia.

Proven Project Management is renowned for delivering excellent quality design and finish in residential developments.

Proven Project Management understands the procedural requirements for the delivery of government projects.

Proven Project Managers make the difference

We will use our wealth of experience and insightful market intelligence to focus on every aspect of your project.