About Rowe Group

In 1991, we opened a Town Planning business with two people, one small office and a vision for the future of our industry. As the industry evolved, so did we.

Project: Raffles Waterfront

Rowe Group Today

Western Australia’s land and property development industry has come a long way in the last three decades, and so have we. Since we began operating in 1991, we have completed projects all across our State, around Australia and overseas. Today our business is led by a Board of Directors comprising Greg Rowe, George Hajigabriel and Rod Dixon and a large team of highly experienced professionals with both public and private sector experience in all facets of the development industry.

Through our core divisions of Town Planning, Urban Design and Project Coordination, we provide our clients with an integrated service offering that takes them from initial concept through to completion of the project. This integrated approach enables us to understand the bigger picture, develop innovative solutions and ensure a commercially viable outcome that delivers vibrant, liveable places.

Having completed a multitude of projects across the State, we possess a diverse range of experience and knowledge which we apply to projects of all sizes and complexity. Because of our diversity, we are able to look beyond conventional approaches and find creative answers to challenging problems.

We believe in collaboration at every level. Working to deliver our client’s vision, we collaborate internally between our divisions, and closely engage with other industry professionals, government agencies and communities to achieve balanced and positive outcomes that will yield benefits both now and in the future.


Rowe Group offers three areas of expertise:

Town Planning

Town Planning is the core of what we do. Since 1991, we have been planning successful land and property developments, and we have a proven track record of achieving results.

Karrinyup Shopping Centre Expansion entrance

Project: Karrinyup Shopping centre

Kennedy Bay Concept Render

Project: Kennedy Bay

Urban Design

As Urban Designers, our job is to understand the complexities of existing and new urban environments, anticipate future challenges, investigate opportunities, and respond with sound design.

Project Coordination

As Town Planners, Rowe Group is often asked to lead multidisciplinary projects in a project coordination capacity. Our Planning and Design teams have strong working relationships with other consultants across the property sector. Beyond coordinating, our Proven Project Management team provides a seamless formal Project Management service.

Karrinyup Shopping Centre Expansion Construction

Project: Karrinyup Shopping Centre

Our Team

One of the characteristics that sets us apart from the rest is our genuine desire to help shape the future of our communities. We do not simply plan, design and deliver places for functionality and economic robustness – we also incorporate the values and culture of the community so we can create more liveable, dynamic environments.

Our team includes staff with private and public sector experience, solid statutory expertise, and extensive practical skills. They have an understanding of the needs of their local community and a personal investment in their development.

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