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Nov 9, 2016

Designing what could be, within the context of what is

3 Dimensional models assist in communicating the design intent of land use planning and urban design projects to a range of stakeholders

Rowe Group are the industry leaders in large scale 3 Dimensional project visioning for land use planning and urban design projects in Western Australia. This capability provides us with an advantage over traditional design communication techniques providing a visual representation which effectively communicates a project’s vision and overall design intent.

Our ability to produce realistic yet conceptual digital models that can be revised through the iterative design phase of a project allows us to present land use and built form proposals to a range of stakeholders, in a “big picture” format which is clear, concise and easy to understand.

We utilise the latest in 3 Dimensional digital technologies and project visioning techniques which allows us to reproduce outputs in a range of mediums, including images, animated fly-throughs, and immersive interfaces with personal computing devices.

Key Features

  • Spatially Accurate 3 Dimensional Models;
  • Large Scale Project Visioning;
  • Built Form Massing;
  • Streetscape Interfaces;
  • Infrastructure Design;
  • GIS Data Integration;
  • Survey Data Integration;
  • Real Time Analysis;
    • Terrain;
    • Slope;
    • Shadowing;
    • Built Form Heights; and
    • Views