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Apr 24, 2015

There was tension in the air at North Perth Bowls Club on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd April 2015 when Rowe Group invited 360 Environmental to compete in the extreme sport of lawn bowls for the prestigious Lawn Bowls Cup. Rowe Group was fired for the win after an abysmal loss to the defending champions when the teams battled for the Indoor Beach Volleyball Cup last year.

360 (not to be confused with the rapper) attempted to distract Rowe Group by inviting their friend the Peregrine Falcon down to the Club to watch the quality competition while devouring his freshly caught meal, a New Holland Honeyeater. But Rowe Group did not let the Falcon put them off their A game and even succeeded in keeping a few balls on the green.

With a large pool of high-quality players to choose from, each company found it difficult to narrow themselves down to their strongest line-up. Despite the tough decision, each side managed to pick a team to play off in the final for the Cup.

As the final round began, spectators were on the edge of their seats with the high level of tension, tactics and talent. Both Rowe Group and 360 rolled some shots not too far off target, while others were not close at all. 360 nosed their way in front after a few early rounds, putting Rowe Group in a difficult position for the win.

Rowe Group needed a strong finish to win the Cup and as luck would have it their ‘top sportsman’ (who would prefer to remain anonymous) turned up in the nick of time to attempt to steal the win. However after only managing to roll his ball into the gutter, 360 took home the Lawn Bowls Cup with a convincing win.

All in all, the banter was high and the quality of lawn bowls was low, but a great time was had by all.

Written by Rowe Group Planner, Camille Clarke