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Oct 8, 2020

Up and running! For the past two years, Daniel Hollingworth and George Hajigabriel have been assisting WA Return, Recycle, Renew Ltd (WARRRL) with the coordination and implementation of the Container Deposit Scheme – Containers for Change. The Scheme offers a 10c refund for every eligible container when deposited at a specified refund point.

Containers for Change Logo

By providing assistance with strategic planning advice to WARRRL and to individual operators, Rowe Group was part of the team that facilitated the simultaneous opening of 198 container deposit refund points across the State on the 1st of October 2020.

Rowe Group provided advice in relation to 35 different Local Planning Schemes and the amended Planning Regulations, ensuring that appropriate sites were identified, and planning approvals were received.

Congratulations to everyone involved on a fantastic initiative!

George Hajigabriel
Daniel Hollingworth