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Nov 26, 2014

Written by Marissa Lague

While Perth shopping centres are opening the doors to their expanded centres – with more on the way – Greg Rowe, principal and managing director of the Rowe Group believes the 2010 introduction of State Planning Policy 4.2 has also been a catalyst for changing the nature of the City’s shopping centres.

Under the policy, which set out activity centres for Perth and Peel, Mr Rowe said mono-functional shopping centres were transforming into centres of activity by introducing a greater mix of uses, such as eating and entertainment, residential and other employment opportunities.

“The Western Australian Planning Commission is increasingly considering more site-specific characteristics of each centre in their application of the policy, encouraging centres to play to their strengths rather than enforcing a one-size-fits-all approach,” he said.

“The previous focus on retail floor space caps and hierarchy artificially restricted the development potential of Perth’s most popular retail destinations, resulting in a lack of investment and diversity in centres.”

Lifting floor caps had encouraged owners to review the development potential of their shopping centres and, Mr Rowe said, had resulted in a line of structure plans and development applications now making their way through the planning system.

About 27,500 shoppers visited Ocean Keys Shopping Centre in Clarkson on the opening day of its $108 million redevelopment earlier this month.

Published in The West Australian, Wednesday 26 November 2014