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Client: Dradgin Pte Ltd

Size of Development: 0.5 hectares

Cost: $100 million

Location: Subiaco


Situated just 200 metres from Subiaco railway station, 500 Hay Street will be a landmark project in the heart of Subiaco. Offering a cosmopolitan mix of shopping, dining, cinemas, offices and a hotel, the development will offer an exciting new destination and strengthen connections between old and new Subiaco.

Occupying an entire street block, the site at 500-502 Hay Street is situated on the north side of Hay Street, where the Subiaco Redevelopment Area merges with the heritage fabric of ‘old Subiaco’. Rowe Group previously assisted the former landowner with obtaining approval for a multi-level retail and office building on the western half of the site. With that building now complete and fully tenanted, the site was sold to Dradgin Pte Ltd, who saw an opportunity to redevelop the remaining 0.5 hectare eastern portion where the Subiaco Ace Cinema complex stands.

Dradgin engaged Rowe Group to coordinate a Development Application to demolish the cinema and construct a new 9-level retail, cinema and hotel complex, underpinned by a premium office building fronting Hay Street.

In recent years, Subiaco has faced many challenges to the vitality of its town centre, including the impact of deregulated liquor licensing laws on Subiaco’s daytime / retail economy; concerns about the impact of contemporary developments on the character of the area; the success of the nearby Claremont Quarter; and the likely downgrading of Subiaco Oval as a prime sporting / concert venue. In addition, the Subiaco community faces challenges to its historic social fabric, including the possible closure of Lords Sports Centre, the closure of Pavilion Markets, and uncertainty over the future of the Station Street markets.

For these reasons, the project team had to convince the local community not only of the planning and design merits of the proposal, but of the substantial economic and social benefits that 500 Hay offered. Rather than ignoring the community’s desire for a local cinema to be retained, the development incorporates a contemporary, boutique cinema within the podium of the hotel. This presented a design challenge so the architect positioned the cinema above ground level and designed it with flat flooring to allow for possible changes in land use at a later date.

Another design challenge included incorporating all of the car parking and service vehicle loading bays at basement level, to enhance the interface of the development with the established streets surrounding the site. With one fully integrated access point to the basement, the edges of the site were activated with shop fronts, a public plaza and the lobby of the hotel.
Situated just 200 metres from Subiaco railway station and with a 220 room hotel, 10,000m2 of office floor space, and retail / cinema uses facing a new plaza, the development will inject much needed life into Subiaco and contribute to the local economy of the town centre.