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Client: Marlin Bullsbrook

No. of Dwellings: 3,000 residential and 220 Rural Residential lots

Location: Bullsbrook


In 2008, Rowe Group was engaged to deliver a master plan and urban deferred rezoning for expansive landholdings south of the Bullsbrook townsite. The purpose of the master plan was to ensure a coordinated and comprehensive approach to the planning and development of the expansion with input from land owners, the project team and government agencies.

In response to our client’s brief, we coordinated a multi-disciplinary team to create a master plan that would provide a vision for:

  • Rural residential, special residential, urban, public open space, commercial and community facilities
  • Local road improvements and major upgrades to services and infrastructure
  • Major fire safety improvements for the existing community
  • The addition of 6,500 new homes across 1,360 hectares of land
Given the scope of this project, there were a number of challenges to be addressed. Although the townsite had been identified for urban expansion in both state and local planning frameworks, the expansion area identified was limited. This it posed difficulties for creating a viable community given the extensive work required to facilitate development, including the extension of key services.

The existing critical services were ageing and operating at capacity, resulting in strong community concerns regarding their improvement. In addition, little progress had been made in infrastructure planning for servicing the land. To address these concerns and develop a viable solution, we engaged relevant consultants to prepare a feasibility analysis on various conventional and alternative means to deliver this infrastructure to the townsite.

Our collaborative approach and early engagement with the community and key stakeholders played a large role in the successful outcome of this project. We participated in community workshops, met with local community groups, set up a working committee with the City of Swan and Department of Planning, identified the main community concerns and ensured that the master plan addressed these issues.

Since the preparation of the master plan, the townsite expansion area has been extended to encompass the wider landholding and has been included as an urban growth area in the Bullsbrook Masterplan.