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Client: City of Subiaco

Size of Development: 1.2 ha

Cost of Development: $5 million

Location: Subiaco


Since the establishment of a Redevelopment Authority in 1994, Subiaco has experienced significant urban renewal. In 2012 we were engaged by the City of Subiaco to coordinate the Carter Lane Redevelopment, one of the last remaining industrial sites in the area, to create a contemporary residential precinct and new public space

The aim of this project was to turn an underutilised site into an attractive, functional urban place that would increase the site’s value to our client and serve as a link between the existing Greenway and Centro Avenue.

After completing schematic design and community consultation in 2012, we commenced the process of obtaining formal approvals, including demolition of buildings and subdivision, and preparing Site Design Guidelines in consultation with the Redevelopment Authority.

Addressing the concerns of the local community has been one of the biggest challenges of this redevelopment. To demonstrate our commitment to implementing a project that balances the needs of the community with those of the local authority and MRA, we undertook an extensive consultation process at the beginning of the project, holding community workshops, information sessions and promoting concepts.

Given our expertise in urban renewal, we were able to successfully create a medium density housing estate and establish a new open space featuring some of the site’s former industrial building elements such as original wall and timber structures and equipment left behind by the former tenant.

The resulting concept plan proposed 11 single housing lots and two medium density mixed-use sites, with 80 residences overall, together with over 3,000 square metres of open space.