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Client: Match Group

Size of Development: 1 ha site delivering over 200 residential dwellings

Cost of Development:  Approximately $100 million

Location:  Fremantle


The Dalgety Wool Stores building in Fremantle is the most significant and intact wool store remaining in WA. In recognition of the building’s heritage and commercial importance, Match Group appointed Rowe Group to seek approvals for this significant industrial revitalisation project.

The rich heritage value of the building was the key challenge in securing approvals for this project. Balancing the conservative views and heritage objectives of the local authority with the client’s development requirements in an environment of limited community support for high-rise developments was particularly challenging.

In addition, the site’s proximity to Fremantle port presented potential risks and required a thorough risk analysis.

The building is an important site in the historic fabric of the Fremantle port area, a factor that was acknowledged at the project outset and guided the design and approvals strategy. We embraced its heritage significance and used this as a development advantage for our client.

Instead of downplaying the building’s historic value and proposing a development that paid little respect to its heritage, we recommended adding the building to the State Register of Heritage Places prior to seeking planning approval.

This achieved two things: it showed our client’s genuine interest in heritage restoration and lead to a more collaborative approval process; and it gave us the option of using the Heritage Council to assist in the event of strong opposition at a local level.

We also worked with a team of expert consultants that included architects, traffic engineers, risk management engineers, structural engineers and landscape architects to address all aspects of the development and maximise our chances of getting public support and planning approval.

As a result, we secured approval for the development of a four-storey building with 220 warehouse-style apartments featuring original structural fabric, with recreation and car parking facilities. The approval was achieved within a relatively short timeframe and allowed for the addition of two floors over and above the existing height.

Such has been the case with the $68 million refurbishment and redevelopment of Fremantle’s iconic Dalgety Wool Stores — a project that is essentially creating three apartment blocks within the building’s existing brick shell.
The West Australian

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