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Client: Sandpiper Asset Pty Ltd

Size of Development: 252 residential lots

Cost of Development: Approximately $20 million

Location: Geraldton


The Client wished to develop as soon as possible; however, the Local Authority required the amendment of an earlier Structure Plan prepared for the land. Rowe Group achieved the successful approval of a 508 lot subdivision application ahead of Structure Planning and received preliminary approvals (before subdivision approvals were issued) to enable earthworks to proceed on site.

Within an 8 month period, Rowe Group oversaw the earth working of 1.8 million cubic metres of coastal dune, the construction of over 200 residential lots with significant retaining walls, a major water main and significant soil stabilisation.

Rowe Group also managed a significant road and round-a-bout construction, estate landscaping and the creation of approximately 40 premium residential lots. In addition the project introduced a new technique for stabilising the sand dunes in Geraldton so that preliminary works could be undertaken outside of the summer moratorium on subdivision construction.

The project included the procurement and establishment of a sales office in a landscape setting, marketing signage and estate beautification.

  • Manage implementation of conditions of subdivision approval
  • Procure, appoint and co-ordinate project team
  • Manage cost control, feasibility reporting and progress payment certificates for contractors
  • Co-ordinate with marketing initiatives