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Client: Boldsilk Holdings Pty Ltd

Size of Development: 297 lot multi-stage residential estate

Cost of Development: $18 million

Location: Maida Vale


Rowe Group successfully managed the multiple stage subdivision project which caters to the needs of the local community.

Rowe Group successfully negotiated with a non-participating landowner to allow the construction and vesting of a road thorough the neighbouring land and thus enabling the successful commencement of the project.

Rowe Group was also called upon to negotiate an agreement to purchase a portion of land from a neighbouring developer in order to create a cohesive commercial site in single ownership.

Rowe Group also successfully negotiated with the head contractor for the re-allocation of sub-contractor resources to provide for an appropriate construction methodology and timeline to optimise construction during ideal climatic conditions.

  • Co-ordination with adjoining neighbours
  • Resolution of construction methodology
  • Manage the implementation of conditions of subdivision approval;
  • Procure, appoint and co-ordinate the project team
  • Manage cost control, feasibility reporting and progress payment certificates for contractors
  • Co-ordinate with marketing initiatives.