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Client: Shire of Mingenew

Size of Development: Shire of Mingenew Townsite

Location: Mid West WA


This project involved the analysis of the current and future capacity of the Mingenew townsite in terms of residential, commercial and industrial development and the provision of services. Rowe Group has undertaken community and stakeholder consultation in the form of Council and community workshops, which were summarised in a ‘Report of Outcomes’.

The community and stakeholder consultation revealed some issues in terms of the future supply of residential land due to drainage issues, lack of reticulated sewer, and the proximity of the townsite to a Public Drinking Water Source Area. These issues resulted in limited potential expansion beyond the townsite which required a focus on infrastructure needed to facilitate infill development. The final Mingenew Townsite Strategy identifies a range of “finer grain” actions aimed at facilitating town site growth consistent with the Shires core strategic objectives. Each action is accompanied by a description and was been prioritised according to the following categories:

  • Short-Term Priority – 0-24 months
  • Medium-Term Priority – 12-36 months
  • Long -Term Priority – 3 years or more.
  • Community consultation
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Infrastructure capacity investigations
  • Opportunity and Constraint analysis