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Client: Investa Property Group and Qube Property Group

Site Area: Approximately 94 ha

No. of Dwellings: Approximately 850 residential lots

Location: Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, Precinct E1 area of the Mundijong Whitby DSP


The locality has a long history of rural activity and retains a long term community. As such the District and Local Structure Planning processes were heavily focussed on character and amenity, whilst still delivering a viable community size (density) to warrant the long term extension of the Armadale rail line and various district facilities.

The location of the future Tonkin Highway abutting the sites western boundary, the Shire’s proposal for the relocation of the freight rail west of the highway and associated Intermodal Industrial area, also raised issues with acoustic impacts and noise mitigation for the proposed residential community.

Planning for this project therefore encompassed the following:

  • Density was a significant local issue at DSP stage. The LSP therefore proposed a range of densities however focussed key areas of smaller lot product in high amenity areas around the linear open space system which conveys district drainage west through the site. These areas are also consolidated to small end of street block locates and are therefore not perceived to dominate the standard (and less contentious) base density of R25. The base density of R25 however also allows for a range of lot product ranging from 350m2 through to 500m2, providing flexibility of lot product on a street block basis whilst also providing for future density opportunities subsequent to market testing/ acceptance.
  • The location of the adjacent (future) Tonkin Highway extension, freight rail realignment and proposed intermodal industrial area presented a potentially costly outcome for the Client in regard to noise attenuation. From our analysis of Statement of Planning Policy 5.4 it was determined that whilst the project would be responsible for acoustic assessment, mitigation measures may be a combined responsibly of the service providers and the proponent. As such, negotiations were undertaken with Department of Transport (DoT), MRWA and the Shire to work through an appropriate “responsibility framework” which eventuated in the proponent undertaking acoustic assessment and limited mitigation for Tonkin Highway noise, DoT undertaking future modelling and mitigation for the freight rail and MRWA being responsible for additional future attenuation after the construction of the Highway.
  • Given the rural/ agricultural history of the locality, the Shire desired development to retain particular streetscape and built form characteristics. This was formalised in built form and landscape design guidelines prepared in support of the LSP, which ordinarily would be prepared as part of detail subdivision design. The project area was the first structure plan in the DSP area to undertake the preparation of these guidelines and in consultation with the Shire’s Officers, Rowe Group worked through an appropriate scope for these guidelines to provide sufficient flexibility to the Client in delivery whilst ensuring the Shire’s built form outcomes were recognised. The guidelines were formalised into a Local Planning Policy.
  • Local Structure Plan – design, approval and implementation (currently in approval phase)
  • Subdivision – design, approval and implementation (currently in design phase)
  • Design Guidelines – Preparation, approval and implementation through subdivision design and Local Development Plans
  • Local Development Plans – design and approval
  • Project Team coordination
    Negotiated outcomes with various state and local authorities – Noise management, waste water pump station, density, drainage/open space configuration etc