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Client: Parcel Property on behalf of Landowner Group

Area/Location: Bullsbrook (“North Ellenbrook”)

Timeframe: Early 2000’s – Present

North Ellenbrook is identified as a future urban growth area located in Perth’s North East Corridor. Based on the population forecasts developed for the Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million, the Sub-Region’s population is expected to increase by approximately 113,700 residents over the 2016 – 2051 period, with the Sub-Region accommodating more than 70% of the future population growth in the City of Swan over this period.

Rowe Group has represented a significant landowner group within the area now referred to as ‘North Ellenbrook West’ for some 20-years and over that time, has been working towards an urban rezoning over the broader precinct. More recently, Rowe Group was engaged to prepare and lodge a Metropolitan Region Scheme Amendment (seeking a rezoning of the site from ‘Rural’ to ‘Urban Deferred’) and an accompanying District Structure Plan which provides the framework for further localised structure planning. The District Structure Plan involves:

  • Review of current and forecast land supply for the North-East Corridor;
  • Identification of the site’s opportunities and constraints;
  • Consultation with major stakeholders, including the City of Swan, DPLH,
  • WAPC and Minister for Planning; and
  • Preparation of the District Structure Plan.

The District Structure Plan and rezoning under the Metropolitan Region Scheme will facilitate the creation of between 5,000 to 6,500 dwellings. The new population will service the planned Ellenbrook Train Station to be delivered under the State Government’s METRONET project, and will support the long-term growth of the North-East Corridor.

Rowe Group and the Client successfully persuaded the State Government to include the North Ellenbrook land as ‘Urban Investigation’ under the Sub-Regional Planning Framework, a momentous achievement for the project and the first step towards realising an urban outcome over the land. Rowe Group has since initiated discussions to rationalise the ‘Urban Investigation’ boundary to provide an appropriate rounding off of the precinct.

The DSP vision demonstrates a strong response to the original landform of North Ellenbrook West and will retain key areas of remnant vegetation, integrate and rehabilitate drainage lines for both their hydrological and heritage values and ensure these elements are central to the ultimate character and amenity provided for the future community. The transition of the North Ellenbrook Urban Investigation Area to urban is expected to occur in the medium term following the completion of access and service infrastructure provision.