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Client: Warburton Group​

Area/Location: Lots 31 (No. 112), 32 (No. 114) and 1 (No. 108) Forrest Street and Lot 2 (No. 9) Vera Street, Cottesloe

Cost: $5.25 million

Timeframe: 2 years

Role: Statutory Planning – Planning Advice, Development Application


Rowe Group was appointed as the town planning consultant by the landowner of the site to provide expert advice which assessed the Client’s preliminary planning and design brief against the relevant statutory planning provisions.  This advice was used to finalise the design of the proposed office development.

Rowe Group was then required to prepare a Development Application which sought approval for:

  • A two storey office building with undercroft parking area;
  • A roof terrace; and
  • A landscaped courtyard.

The proposal is of high quality architectural design and incorporates extensive landscaping to the front setback area, rear courtyard and terrace level.  The development utilises single and two storey elements which assists in ensuring it compliments and enhances the existing streetscape.

The proposed development also includes the improvement of the Forrest and Vera Street road verges through additional plantings.

The Development Application was lodged with the Town of Cottesloe (Town) in August 2020 and was required to be determined by the Metro Inner North Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).



  • Due Diligence
  • Design Review Panel
  • Development Application
  • Development Assessment Panel


The proposal was reviewed by the Town’s Design Advisory Panel and it was evaluated against the ten performance-based design principles based on State Planning Policy No. 7.0 – Design of the Built Environment.   The design received unanimous support from the members of the Town’s Design Advisory Panel.

The Town provided a favourable recommendation to the JDAP and it was subsequently approved in November 2020.

Construction is expected to commence in 2021.