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Client: Finbar Group Limited

Location: Palmyra

Cost: Approximately $40 million


The former Golden Eggs site in Palmyra represented a unique opportunity to capitalise on medium to high density urban infill development, with the site being ideally located in close proximity to areas of public open space and local shops. The site is also readily accessible by high frequency public transport services making it a prime location for medium to high density residential development. Rowe Group was engaged by Finbar Group Limited to prepare and lodge a Development Application over the site seeking approval for the construction of 258 multiple dwellings across two (2) stages of development. Rowe Group’s extensive knowledge of the site was instrumental throughout the approvals process, having successfully secured to “Residential” rezoning of the site in 2009.

The development incorporates a range of one (1), two (2) and three (3) bedroom apartments which are predominantly to be constructed to a maximum height of three storeys. Some elements of four storey development have been proposed at the entry points to the development to identify key entrances into the site. The project sought to provide a lasting contribution to the existing Palmyra community, through providing extensive upgrades to the adjoining McGregor Road and Justinian Street verge areas, in conjunction with Woolshed Park which abuts the site’s western boundary.

Rowe Group successfully obtained a favourable outcome for Finbar Group Limited, negotiating a number of key development outcomes with the City of Melville and its Design Review Panel, before being ultimately approved by the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel.

In order to minimise construction costs and respond to the target market audience, a critical aspect of the development process was to minimise areas required for basement car parking which was challenging, given the undulating topography of the site. As a result of this, the application sought to locate the required visitor car parking bays within the adjoining McGregor Road and Justinian Street verge areas. Rowe Group successfully negotiated with the City of Melville to permit the construction of the required visitor car parking bays within the adjacent verge areas. The visitor car parking variation was offset with significant improvements being undertaken to the McGregor Road and Justinian Street verge areas in conjunction with the adjoining Woolshed Park. These works included providing extensive areas of hard and soft landscaping including seating nodes and public art spaces, enhancing the overall pedestrian experience adjacent to the site. These improvements complete the “green link” or public open space network which extends from Carrington Street in the west, through to Stock Road in the east.

Another critical component of the development was mitigating impacts from traffic noise on the development, given the site’s southern boundary abuts Leach Highway whilst also providing for an appropriate streetscape interface. This was ultimately achieved through negotiation with the City of Melville to allow for an acoustic wall to be constructed along the site’s southern boundary which was softened through incorporating a portion of the development’s public art component into the design of the wall. The design of the wall was reflective of the site’s historical use as an egg grading facility, providing for a more aesthetically pleasing streetscape outcome which the City of Melville’s Administration was ultimately willing to sign off on.

Render Images by Finbar Group Limited