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Client: Primewest Management

Location: Cockburn

Rowe Group was appointed to obtain subdivision approval for an Industrial Estate proposing a variety of 64 lots over an existing 38 hectare site in the City of Cockburn. Given the size of the site and the existing ‘Special Use’ zoning (Amcor Paper Mill) we were engaged to prepare a Structure Plan and a concurrent Local Scheme Amendment to demonstrate how the subdivision of the subject site could integrate with existing and proposed surrounding development.

The primary tasks were:

  • To prepare a Structure Plan and associated Local Planning Scheme Amendment to rezone the land for Industrial purposes;
  • Prepare Design Guidelines, the purpose of which were to guide the future development of the land to ensure a high standard of development and suitable integration with nearby residential development;
  • Obtain Subdivision Approvals in accordance with the endorsed Structure Plan and also obtain Subdivision Approvals which represented departures from the endorsed Structure Plan.

Involvement of Rowe Group was vital to the prompt lodgement and approval of the Structure Plan, Scheme Amendment and Design Guidelines. The relationship of this office with local authorities is second to none due to the previous employment and working relationships of the Rowe Group staff in the metropolitan region.

During our preliminary investigations and liaison with the City of Cockburn, we were able to ascertain the main concern of Council was the interface and potential for impact on Phoenix Road and the existing residential properties located on the opposite side of Phoenix Road.

Accordingly we engaged an Arborist to investigate the value of the vegetation and, in particular, to identify the mature trees worthy of retention. This ultimately informed the extent of vegetation to be retained, which was incorporated into our Structure Plan design. This area was rezoned ‘Local Parks and Recreation’.

Our Client’s intent was to create a high quality Industrial Business Park and along with input from the City of Cockburn, Rowe Group prepared Design Guidelines to ensure the development of each individual allotment would be to a high standard.

Rowe Group prepared a Structure Plan and resulting subdivision application generally in accordance with the City of Cockburn policy and the intent of the Phoenix Business Park Design Guidelines.

The ultimate design provides for a variety of lot sizes to meet market demand.