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Client: Satterley Property Group

Location: Forrestfield

Land Area: 28.9 hectares

No. of Lots: 478

The Hales Estate is located in Forrestfield, approximately 15km east of the Perth CBD and has been designed to feature quality areas of public open space respecting the natural, existing features of the site including mature Marri and Jarrah trees and the Crumpet Creek.

Rowe Group was engaged by Satterley Property Group in 2015 to provide town planning and urban design services for a 478-lot residential infill subdivision in the suburb of Forrestfield. The project included the preparation of a Structure Plan, subdivision design/approvals and the preparation of Local Development Plans. Rowe Group successfully implemented the design and urban planning of the residential estate which provides for a range of residential densities ranging from R30 to R60, showcasing a range of standard and innovative dwelling typologies.
The linear configuration of the landholding and the existing natural and built parameters (such as Crumpet Creek and the existing Western Power High Voltage Powerlines which traverse the site) required careful consideration to ensure the enhancement of the site’s natural attributes, whilst providing for a high quality urban design outcome which enhances the liveability of the site. The objective has been to design an urban residential estate which provides for an efficient subdivision layout that integrates with its surrounding land uses and embraces the natural assets of the site within its ‘hills’ context. Recognising the broader Forrestfield area is characterised by single storey dwellings, the challenge has been to provide for a residential development that caters for a range of demographics and offers diversity in dwelling types and affordability which has been delivered through a mix of residential densities and housing products.
Rowe Group successfully negotiated the approvals and design process to create an estate which responds to, and enhances, the natural assets of the site through extensive landscaping treatment to areas of public open space and the Crumpet Creek Reserve. The design response has been given careful consideration to maximise the retention of trees within areas of open space across the site. This has resulted in a strong relationship between the estate and existing environmental features which has been a deliberate response to not only improve the overall amenity of the estate, but also to respect the site’s natural attributes.

The resultant subdivision layout and design provides for an efficient urban layout which is legible and provides ease of access to areas of local amenity. The Hales Estate provides for a range of dwelling types through the incorporation of standard single storey dwellings and two storey townhouse homes fronting areas of landscaped open space contributing to a sense of place and community feel.