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Client: Shire of Three Springs

Size of Development: Shire of Three Springs Townsite

Location: Mid West WA


This project has involved the analysis of the current and future capacity of the Three Springs townsite in terms of residential, commercial and industrial development and the provision of services. Rowe Group as part of this project has undertaken community and stakeholder consultation in the form of Council and community workshops, which were summarised in a ‘Report of Outcomes’. This has been beneficial to coincide with the preparation of the Shire of Three Springs Local Planning Strategy as this has allowed the outcomes of the Strategy to be further developed into actions for the Three Springs townsite. Each action is accompanied by a description and was been prioritised according to the following categories:

  • Short-Term Priority – 0-24 months
  • Medium-Term Priority – 12-36 months
  • Long -Term Priority – 3 years or more.
  • Community consultation
  • Stakeholder liaison
  • Infrastructure capacity investigations
  • Opportunity and Constraint analysis