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What is the subdivision process?

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is responsible for determining Applications for Green Title (Freehold) and Survey Strata Subdivision Approval in Western Australia.
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Establishing whether your residential property has subdivision potential is fundamentally determined by the residential density coding allocated to your property under the Local Planning Scheme administered by your Local Government. However, a number of other considerations are relevant and must be taken into account.

State-level planning documents such as the Residential Design Codes and Development Control Policies set out the WAPC’s basic requirements for the creation of new residential lots.  These documents contain provisions relating to matters such as minimum lot sizes and lot frontages, servicing requirements and access.  These documents also set out the procedures that the WAPC will follow in processing subdivision and the general principles that will be used in determining applications. Local Planning Schemes may also contain specific provisions relating to minimum lot sizes and/or minimum frontage requirements that may affect subdivision potential.

The ability to subdivide your residential property may also be affected by matters such as the existence of easements or other legal encumbrances registered on your Certificate of Title, as well as the presence of environmental constraints such as wetlands or protected flora and fauna.  It is therefore important to investigate all of these matters when assessing the potential for subdivision.

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The subdivision process involves a series of steps. A flowchart explaining these steps can be downloaded here.



Rowe Group can assist with subdivision projects of any size, ranging from small-scale brownfield (infill) sites to large residential estates.  Our in-house Urban Design Team is equipped to offer advice and assistance on all subdivision related matters.

Specifically, Rowe Group can assist by:

  • Reviewing your property and determining whether subdivision is possible;
  • Explaining the subdivision process and your rights and responsibilities during that process;
  • Preparing subdivision plans suitable for lodgement with the WAPC;
  • Preparing and lodging formal Applications for Subdivision Approval;
  • Monitoring Applications for Subdivision Approval and negotiating with the WAPC and referral agencies on your behalf to resolve any issues or concerns; and
  • Reviewing approval conditions and advising whether those conditions are fair and reasonable.

In situations where an Application for Subdivision Approval has been refused or unreasonable approval conditions have been applied, Rowe Group can prepare, lodge and manage an Application for Review (Appeal) with the State Administrative Tribunal or seek a reconsideration of that decision with the WAPC on your behalf.

Rowe Group has the expertise to manage the implementation of a Subdivision Approval, including the coordination of sub-consultants, and is also equipped to undertake project cash flow analysis to determine projected financial outcomes.

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Whether it’s a residential, rural, retail, office, commercial or industrial development.

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There are a number of costs associated with subdividing your residential property, ranging from initial investigation and design costs, Government fees and implementation costs.

The WAPC imposes an administrative fee that is payable upon lodgement of an Application for Subdivision Approval.  This fee is calculated on the basis of the number of lots proposed. Administrative fees are also payable upon lodgement of the Deposited Plan at the conclusion of the subdivision process.  These fees change from time to time so please contact Rowe Group for an up-to-date indication of the relevant fees for your project.

Rowe Group’s professional fees for tasks such as initial investigations and subdivision design also vary depending on the size of the project.  We provide obligation free quotations for a range of subdivision related tasks and would be happy to provide you with an indication of fees for your next project.

Through its affiliated entity, Proven Project Management, Rowe Group can assist with feasibility assessments and can also assist with the implementation of Subdivision Approvals through to the issue of new Certificates of Title.


Rowe Group’s Urban Design Team are specialists in dealing with the full range of residential, rural, industrial or commercial subdivision matters and can assist with any query. If you would like to discuss your project or simply need some advice, our Urban Design Team are happy to help.

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