At Rowe Group, Town Planning is the core of what we do

We have spent the last 30 years planning successful land and property developments, and we have a proven track record of achieving results.

Project: Karrinyup Shopping Centre


Obtaining Development Approval can sometimes be a long, and overwhelming, journey for any type of development  but, with an experienced team on your side, this process will be faster, smoother, and more likely to yield positive results.

We provide comprehensive planning services for large and small-scale projects, including:

  • Development Applications
  • Subdivision Applications
  • Rezoning requests and Scheme Amendments
  • Structure Plan and Local Development Plan Applications
  • Submissions on development proposals
  • Applications for Review (e.g. appeals)
  • Expert advice and specialist court evidence for land compensation claims
  • Research and data collection
  • Planning studies and Scheme reviews

In addition to the planning aspects of a project, we can manage the design and implementation of the project through our dedicated Urban Design and Project Management divisions.

Westin Hotel East Perth

Project: Westin Hotel

We act as advocates for our clients, provide astute decision making advice, and we always work within the commercial parameters of the project.

Pool The Esplanade Apartment Building

Project: The Esplanade Nedlands Waterfront

Our Approach

Our approach to planning is very much about collaboration at every level.

We cooperate internally, liaise with Government agencies, consult with external advisers, and work closely with our clients.

Right from the start, our Planners share information and ideas with our Urban Design and Project Coordination teams so that we can achieve the optimum balance between design and statutory requirements, examine how planning decisions might impact the delivery of the project, and resolve any issues before they arise.

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with key Government agencies and, together, we work on finding solutions that satisfy the needs of our clients and the community.

We also consult with other experts and, whenever necessary, engage the services of professional consultants to assess the environmental and social impacts of a project.


When it comes to securing Development Approvals, experience can often be the decisive factor in a project’s success.

We have completed a multitude of projects for a diverse range of Clients, faced a multitude of planning issues, and dealt with thousands of Development Applications at local and State levels.

Our experience extends beyond the fundamental planning services and can be divided into six key service areas:c

Perth’s population is increasing at a rapid pace and there is now a greater emphasis on urban renewal as a means to meet housing demand, provide housing choice and achieve sustainable growth.

Urban Renewal involves the regeneration of under-utilised inner and central city sites for contemporary living and mixed-use residential and commercial purposes. This process starts with site context analysis, schematic design, community consultation and statutory approvals, which include planning, environmental and heritage.

We specialise in Urban Renewal project coordination and work extensively with Architects, technical advisors and Government to deliver urban design outcomes that enhance the built environment and sustainability of our communities.

Since the introduction of the Activity Centres State Planning Policy (now Precinct Design Policy SPP7.2), we have been working with owners of major centres to help re-evaluate their approach to retail developments and to meet policy requirements. Together with Government agencies, we are exploring innovative solutions that will lead to sustainable mixed-use urban centres that generate employment, offer residential accommodation, and promote improved public transport.

We’re a preferred supplier to the Western Australian Local Government Association and have undertaken numerous strategic planning studies for Local Government throughout the State. These include Local Planning Scheme Reviews and Planning Strategies, Townsite Expansion Plans, land asset development concept planning, and statutory planning services. We also provide similar services to State Government agencies involved in land and infrastructure development, including DevelopmentWA and the Department of Communities.

As a result of Western Australia’s strong resource and industrial sectors, we have experience working with mining and logistics companies and have assisted in obtaining approvals for a range of facilities such as major infrastructure, transport depots, industrial development and transient workers’ accommodation.

Rowe Group’s experience extends to the agricultural sector, working with rural land users to obtain approvals for, and to protect rural industries.

Advocacy is the foundation on which Rowe Group is built. It is an all-encompassing term for the range of statutory planning tasks that we carry out on behalf of our clients, including development and subdivision applications, rezoning requests and Local Planning Scheme Amendments, Applications for Review (appeals), provision of expert advice, and submissions to Government.

But lodgement of an application is just the start of the process, with much of the critical work taking place later, when we negotiate outcomes with approval agencies. Our Planning staff have a wealth of experience gained from working with State and other Government agencies, so we are well placed to advocate on all sorts of projects in metropolitan and regional areas.

We understand that every project is important to our clients, regardless of the scale and complexity of the tasks at hand, and we work not only for professional land developers, but also for people from a range of backgrounds, including small business owners, retailers, and landowner groups.

Rowe Group’s experienced planning advocates often represent Clients at the State Administrative Tribunal. In addition, our Planning Team can act as expert planning witnesses at the Tribunal and in other jurisdictions.

Our advocacy experience further extends to land compensation and acquisition (resumption) matters.

Engaging community stakeholders is critical to securing a favourable planning outcome, and this often requires more than a simple statutory advertising process. At Rowe Group we are experienced in community engagement, including participating in multiple community workshops. Our staff work closely with local communities to understand residents’ concerns and develop favourable solutions. We work towards the creation of vibrant places that leave a positive legacy that all stakeholders can be proud of.

Our Town Planners

Every successful outcome is the result of the dedication and knowledge of the people behind it. We have assembled a team of Town Planners who share diverse skills, and experience, and show their full commitment to every project they work on.

Our Town Planners have excellent negotiation and advocacy skills, a firm grip on planning laws and approval processes, and an established rapport with Government colleagues, which all adds up to better project outcomes.

But perhaps our greatest skill is taking the hassle out of the planning process for our clients, and partnering with our clients on the project journey.

Town Planning Projects

East Victoria Park
Subiaco, Former Wembley TAFE site

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