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Three Dimensional Project Visioning

Designing what could be, within the context of what is
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Communicating the design intent of land use planning and urban design projects to a range of stakeholders.

Rowe Group are industry leaders in large scale Three Dimensional project visioning for land use planning and urban design projects in Western Australia. This capability provides us with an advantage over traditional design communication techniques, delivering a visual representation which effectively communicates a project’s vision and overall design intent early in the process.

The ability to produce digital models that can be revised through the iterative design phases of a project allows us to present land use and built form proposals to a range of stakeholders. Our models integrate seamlessly with survey point cloud data providing a real world context in presenting the ‘big picture’ which is clear, concise and easy to understand.

We produce Three Dimensional outputs in a range of mediums, including images, animated fly-throughs, and immersive interfaces with personal computing devices.

Whether it’s a residential, rural, retail, office, commercial or industrial development.

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  • Spatially Accurate Three Dimensional Models;
  • Large Scale Project Visioning;
  • Built Form Massing;
  • Streetscape Interfaces;
  • Infrastructure Design;
  • GIS Data Integration;
  • Survey Data Integration;
  • Real Time Analysis;
    • Terrain;
    • Slope;
    • Shadowing;
    • Built Form Heights; and
    • Views.



Rowe Group’s Urban Design Team are specialists in dealing with the full range of residential, rural, industrial or commercial subdivision matters and can assist with any query. If you would like to discuss your project or simply need some advice, our Urban Design Team are happy to help.

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